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At this time please contact me using the contact page, or email me directly, in order to book a consultation. All consultations  are currently running virtually via zoom, or a phone call. 

What is an 'Initial Consultation' ?

An initial consultation is a starting off point, primarily to get an in depth health history to provide a thorough and detailed look at an individual and their relationship to their health, and address any specific concerns or desires they may have. This time is also used to discuss goals and establish expectations and a timeline. More fundamentally it is an open and safe space to get to know each other and to allow the individual to express, inquire, and use the space as is most productive and appropriate for both parties. 

The ultimate goal in my practice is to establish autonomy in my patients and clients health. To this fact I like to craft protocols and frameworks (when appropriate) for the individual to work with to develop a foundation for a future of health. As an herbalist I fundamentally work with herbs, but in my experience a multidimensional and dynamic approach that can be built sustainably over time sets the groundwork for the individual to return to the driver seat of their health and life. 

Along with an initial consult I include a uniquely catered follow up plan that includes recommendations on nutrition and supplementation as appropriate, highlights free tools, practices, and environmental and lifestyle adjustments that can become foundational pillars in their health, and provide educational resources and referrals to other practitioners or specialists, as required, which can be discussed in an initial consultation when time permits

Clinic Fees:

Initial 90 Minute Consultation: $130

60 Minute Follow Ups: $90

15 Minute Check In: $20

For refills (when appropriate), please email me. 


If finances are a barrier to accessing care, please reach out and we can discuss options. 

Herbs and formulations are currently being supplied by Pacific Rim College ranging from:

Tincture: $18.75 - $24 for a weeks supply of a single formula 
Tea: $6 - $10 for a weeks supply (25g-50g)

Cream: $10.50 for a weeks or so supply 

Capsules: $10 for a weeks or so supply 

These are approximations. Sometimes less or more may be provided as worked out between myself and the individual. Taxes and shipping (if required) will apply. 

I have always been a skeptic when it came to holistic health care. Its a wild west where anyone can, and does, make claims about specific therapies or approaches being the oldest, the best, the most pure and natural, or having just that specific 'vibration' needed to align with our bodies. In navigating the worlds of both Western and Alternative healthcare I do my best to keep an open but critical mind. I take that approach into how I practice herbal and holistic medicine, using evidence based therapies. I bring forward the appropriate traditional understandings of herbs and their prescribing philosophies, and marry them with Western scientific medicine perspectives, to produce a functional multimodal framework.

A return to nature, to home 

  A key insight in my understanding of people and the practice of medicine is simply that we are creatures inhabiting this Earth. In our modern landscape we have become divorced from Nature and the potential medicine that is inherent to it, which sits at the core of ill health in our society. Air, water, food, sunlight, and shelter are the physical basis of survival, products of this planet we call home, but it goes deeper. They are not only the basics to subsist but also to thrive. Everything that has made and shaped us, that we have adapted towards and away from, at their root, are the tangible forces of nature. These forces have designed us from cell to soul, shaping our species over time. Returning to the basics of our water, food, herbs, shelter, and greater environment with air and sunlight can build a powerful foundation for health.  Its not to say that nature is solely this loving source of vitality, there are always two sides. There is potential for poison and medicine in everything, and negative forces can have strong impacts. What matters is our capacity to respond, to adapt, to grow.

Health and Disease are complicated. People and Life are complicated. Navigating the realms of conventional and alternative healthcare to tackle complex health patterns is not a walk in the park.  Often a multidimensional approach is required, with the individual in question at its CENTER. I do my best in my practice to treat people, not just the disease, and weave in a variety of tools sustainably. I provide recommendations beyond the use of herbs such as diet and nutrition, lifestyle modifications and simple practices, and supplements when necessary, to support the individual in establishing a customized framework to build upon towards their future of health and vitality. I am happy to work alongside other practitioners you may have on your team, and often make referrals and recommendations when appropriate, to provide my patients and clients with the best possible care and support. Above all I seek to aid in restoring your relationship to your own health, and your autonomy in cultivating it.

My Approach.

Philosophy of Practice. 

Towards Health Autonomy.

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